In order to influence change and to do so effectively and efficiently an organization must have direction; a vision of future existence that shapes the organizations practices. At For the Future Group Home, we have integrated the ideas and beliefs of our stakeholders to formulate our vision and mission statements which are supported by our Core Values (philosophies).

Vision - A community of trauma victims who have shed the identity of “victim” and embrace one of the victor; where identities and life trajectories are reclaimed. We envision this coming to fruition through an intensive therapeutic residential milieu, where trauma can be processed safely and successfully and where strengths are acknowledged and reinforced.

Mission - To foster the rehabilitation of adolescent females involved in the child welfare and/or juvenile probation systems. We recognize each adolescent is a wellspring of potential and therefore we designed a program which helps teens harness their passions. We help motivate them to create, connect, and manifest a personal vision towards their future self.

OUR CORE VALUES (Philosophies)
• We believe that traumatic experiences do not have to debilitate the potential of an individual.
• We believe that adolescents have the abilities to make positive life choices and life changes.
• We believe cycles of generational dysfunction can be broken.
• We believe it is the responsibility of the community to rehabilitate child victims of neglect and/or abuse.
• We believe success looks different for each individual and allow each person the right to healthy self-determination.
• We believe the youth are our future and that the wounded possess enormous gifts to contribute to the future.


The above goals will be achieved through individual counseling, group counseling, psychological, and/or psychiatric consultation, role modeling, the teaching of different behavioral management techniques and through methods of disciplining with dignity.